At drop distribution, we look for great products which fit into their own space and we consider to be the best in their category. This allows us to present a portfolio of goodness appealing to a wide range of tastes. We are adding to our increasing range of functional beverages which are both tasty and nutritious as well as having a positive function on the body be it for; gut health,  mental clarity or other benefits. If you are a food-related business we have something here for you and your customers. We also have fridge offerings and options if suitable.

Great tasting kombucha and affordable price

Healthier and tastier alternatives

Created to support concentration and mood

Born from a love of the land

Crisps without compromise. Hand-cooked in Nelson, NZ.

Every Drink Does Good

Since 1918, bringing their fizz to Foxton

A range of premium craft sodas

Natural drinks sweetened with organic cane sugar

A juice company born in Central Otago

Chia Sisters make natural, delicious drinks that are good for you and the planet from their solar-powered juicery in Nelson

Drinks with no sugar or anything nasty

Kiwi flavours with 40% less in sugar

Artesian water, rich in minerals like silica

A 100% natural organic leaf tea

A fusion of hop extracts with flavours

A fusion of hop extracts with flavours

Delicious and creamy Oat Milk that’s made for coffee!

NZ made premium certified Organic Juices and Sparkling Waters.

Go the distance.

Powerful, Natural, Versatile Immune system boosting

It starts with the pure spring water