Back when most small towns made their own local soda, our little factory started up its machines in 1918, bringing our fizz to Foxton.

For an entire century we’ve stayed in our hometown, operating from our factory on 8 Whyte Street, Foxton. What started as a local drink soon became a familiar offering in lunch bars and hotels, and a staple at family gatherings and celebrations. We’ve always been there, delivering our fizz around New Zealand in our now iconic wooden crates.

Starting as a family business, Foxton Fizz passed through a number of hands in the Perreau family. Over the years since, the international soda drink manufacturers, with their slick marketing and cut price methods, dominated to such a degree that almost every local bottler and their uniquely New Zealand brands are now only memories.

So when Murray Perreau decided that he needed to call it a day, and the doors could be been shut forever, a near tragedy took place. Luckily a group of friends from Wellington got together and bought Foxton Fizz, ensuring this iconic brand could survive. With consumers showing a renewed interest in unique brands, Foxton Fizz continues to gain in popularity and can be found in great cafes all over New Zealand.